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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shelby55 X-RayGeeks™ Refund Policy?

Shelby55 "Refund Policy" - Will not refund any charges if we are capable and willing to perform our part of the contract.

Provide Shelby55 X-RayGeeks™ best way to communicate?  

Geeks prefer only email customer support. All communications should be transmitted via email - [email protected]  

Provide Shellby55 X-RayGeeks™ delivery schedules?

X-RayGeeks™ Website eReports Bundle or Facebook - Typically 2-4 business days X-RayGeeks™ Website New Citation Service - Typically 5 - 7 business days.  

Shelby55 X-RayGeeks™ after the sale benefits.  

New product discounts - recommend 6 Month Website and Facebook Bundle discounts - Tips and Tricks eMails -  Plus much much more...

Ordering process "Special Instructions"!

Website orders provide complete Website URL,  or multiples in the "Special Instruction" section. Facebook orders provide a complete Facebook URL or multiples in the "Special Instruction" section.  


18383 E IL Hwy 15
Mt. Vernon, IL, 62864, US

Welcome to Shelby55:

James S. Hanner founder of Shelby55 X-RayGeeks
 is passionate about helping businesses succeed through their online marketing efforts.  We're dedicated to providing you "Website Diagnostic Repair Shelby55 X-RayGeeks Services" with an emphasis on providing a friendly experience. We will provide website repair services that will lead to driving more traffic if you take action! 

We hope you enjoy dealing with our friendly not-to-social geeks that sometimes have tape to hold their eyeglasses in-tact and watch their favorite movie "Revenge of the Nerds".  All kidding aside, we want your long-term business - make us earn your trust!

 James S, Hanner, President               


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